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Price list

The Office offers clients different ways of remuneration in return for services rendered. Basic methods of settlement are described below:


Clients, for whom the service is permanent legal services, it is proposed that the monthly remuneration for services rendered in the form of lump sum payments up to the expected workload dimension month, including compensation for permanent availability.

The calculation of a monthly lump sum, as well as work done over the limit set is made based on the rate of 150.00 zł (net) - per hour of work a solicitor.


For orders off the amount of remuneration is determined taking into account the complexity of tasks and workload.

The salary is magnified by the amount of costs necessary to comply with the order, including travel costs or other expenses necessary to carry out orders and accepted by the Customer.


Remuneration for conducting przedsądowej recovery is 50 - zł (net) from each of the case and from 5% to 15% (net) from the amount of duties enforced, is therefore calculated from the amounts paid and recovered from the debtor.

The remuneration for activities carried out before the court in its ruling, the Court determined and charged to the debtor, therefore, does not bear his client, acts identically in the case before an execution.

Remuneration for the conduct of recovery can only be for the effective operation and recovery client.

Payments are based on the invoice, to the net, We charge tax on goods and services according to current rate (22%).

Detailed terms of remuneration are determined in the agreement concluded with the client.