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The Office of Legal Advisor

The solicitor Michał Gruszczyński, owner of the  single Office of Legal Advisor, based in Krakow, is a graduate Jagiellonian University. During the many years of implementation of various professional practice, the Office has worked with numerous actors in different sectors in the domestic market, including the local market (Malopolska).  This cooperation resulted in the experience, knowledge, efficiency, which law firm with more and better results are used in current operations - in order for the good of clients and the highest standards of service.


Law Firm Experience allows you to offer customers a wide range of knowledge-intensive. These include primarily the actions in the following areas:

Debt collection, investigation and enforcement duties in the way of forced and voluntary,
Participate in negotiations, opinions and draft contracts, agreements, statements, declarations and other documents in the course of trade, Design and opinions on enterprise internal documentation,
Legal audit,
Design and preparation of documents for company registration and disclosure of information about activities in the public registers,
Mergers and transformation of enterprises,
Fixed service companies, financial institutions, including banks,
Training in business law, civil and tax

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