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Legal Services

Law Firm in the course of their work offers comprehensive legal assistance in the field:
  1. The drafting of documents and legal acts, on the basis of assumptions provided by the customer and applicable law, opinions and verification of project documents submitted by contractors Klient
  2. to carry out mergers and acquisitions,
  3. preparation of legal opinions, taking into account the existing legal situation, the current judicial decisions and legal doctrine,
  4. representing clients to the contractors involved in the negotiations, participation in shaping the content of contracts,
  5. represent clients in judicial and administrative,
  6. carry out the recovery of outstanding receivables clients, including both the conduct of recovery before sending the matter to court, redress in the courts and redress against enforcement authorities,
  7. conducting training on legal aspects of the Customer
  8. conduct investigations and internal investigations on behalf of the customer - especially in the case of financial loss or suspected fraudulent activities of employees or contractors Client
  9. develop solutions to reduce operational risks associated with customer activities, in particular the risk of financial losses caused by dishonest employees and contractors of the Customer
  10. audit and legal advice on the operation of enterprises,
  11. the current legal aid, information on legislative changes which are important in terms of customer business, legal advice in personal contacts, telephone, e - mail `these,